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Banpresto is a Japanese company that originally emerged as a creator of video games for the Sega console.

But as of 2008 it becomes a subsidiary of Bandai Namco. With the aim of being exclusively dedicated to the video game machine industry and the creation of figures of the best anime characters in history. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo, in the Shinagawa area.

Banpresto Co., Ltd. is a Japanese game developer company. Founded in 1977 under the name Hoei Sangyo, Co. Ltd. It was later renamed to Coreland in 1982, and during the 1980s it worked primarily as a subcontractor to Sega and its arcade division. It has been partially owned by Bandai since 1989, when it adopted its current name. It was bought by and made into a wholly controlled subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc. in March 2006.

Banpresto has created a variety of exclusive video games for Japan, most notably the Super Robot Wars and Summon Night sagas, both of which gained such a fandom that parts of the two sagas were translated and released in the US market. Other projects include anime tie-ins games such as the RPG Tenchi Muyō, Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu, Shin Chan platformers, and various Sailor Moon games of different genres. Banpresto also makes different variations of award-winning rides.

Banpresto became part of Namco Bandai Games in 2008. As part of the merger, two of Banpresto's subsidiaries, Pleasure Cast Co. Ltd. and Hanayashiki Co. Ltd., became subsidiaries of Namco.

It is currently one of the favorite brands for figure collectors, due to its high quality in all the details that all its products have.

Enjoy the figures related to the world of manga, anime and the great licenses related to successful movies and series such as dolls from Dragon Ball, Naruto, Boruto, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Sword Art Online, Gundam, Justice League, Marvel ,

Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, A Monkey D. Luffy, gear 4, Zoro, Robin, Marco, Ace, Robin, Franky, Creator X Creator, Q Posket, Future Trunks and a very extensive list.

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